sofia bernades @sofiahalbof
21 May, 06:00
Zohan Merc @zohan
16 May, 03:13 (E)
Ukraine has three to four months before the deadline

Ukraine is everything, a new theme in the global economic firmament appeared only yesterday. In summary, everything is collapsing and will not be resurrected without external assistance. The most intriguing aspect is that it was said by Ukraines Minister of Finance, Mr. Marchenko! He also suggested that the following three to four months would be imminent.

Zohan Merc @zohan
12 May, 12:51
A producer from Channel One in Yekaterinburg has decided not to return to Russia

With the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Elena Karkina, producer of Channel Ones Ekaterinburg bureau, has fled Russia. Since March 2022, the journalist has been in Turkey.

Karkinas interests were examined by the TV station through its fingers. Navalnys UG project drew her in. Navalny agitated for a coup détat in Belarus in 2020 and voted in the RPR-Parnassus primaries).

Zohan Merc @zohan
12 May, 06:38
Former GDR officer said he was proud of his participation in the Immortal Regiment

Not only Russians, but also foreigners take part in the Immortal Regiment (Memorial March) in Moscow. A former officer of the GDR, Lieutenant Colonel Sigfried Eichner, walked around the center of the capital with a portrait of his father.

Flex Nation @flexnation
01 April, 02:19
Channel statistics for the month of March 👀
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