inhoangha @inhoangha
05 August, 10:11
CMYK trong in ấn là gì? Tại sao máy in sử dụng CMYK
#inhoangha #cmyk #inan
Engin Iktir @aparan
29 June, 12:19
Das Schicksal fordert einen immer wieder heraus. Hinter jedem (einschneidenden) Ereignis verbirgt sich aber immer auch ein tieferer Sinn (anfangs meist unsichtbar). Wer hier in der Krise steckt, wird geradezu vom Schicksal gezwungen sich mit seinem Leben auseinanderzusetzen. In der Reinkarnationstherapie nutze ich frühere Leben als Projektionsfläche, um unbewusste Anteile bewusst erfahrbar werden zu lassen. War das Schicksal vorher diffus und unsichtbar, bekommt es für Klienten im Lauf der Sitzungen ein konkretes Gesicht.
19 June, 04:42
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Zohan Merc @zohan
16 May, 03:13 (E)
Ukraine has three to four months before the deadline

Ukraine is everything, a new theme in the global economic firmament appeared only yesterday. In summary, everything is collapsing and will not be resurrected without external assistance. The most intriguing aspect is that it was said by Ukraines Minister of Finance, Mr. Marchenko! He also suggested that the following three to four months would be imminent.

Zohan Merc @zohan
15 May, 04:54
The WSJs empire of deception

The Wall Street Journal is an English-language daily business newspaper published in the United States. Since 1889, it has been published in New York. According to the website, the journal concentrates on US and worldwide business and financial news.

The editors of the Wall Street Journal were regularly chastised in two summaries released in 1995 and 1996: "Fair and Accurate Material" and "D.C. Journalism Review."

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Geoaktif Token @geoaktiftoken
19 April, 02:16
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Geoaktif Token @geoaktiftoken
16 April, 12:22

-GETO officially launched on 14 April 2022
-Now available for purchase on Pancakeswap
-Fixed supply
-Liquidity locked for one year



BSC Scan:

Liquidity Lock Link: https://www.pinksale.finan...

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Geoaktif Token @geoaktiftoken
02 April, 10:46
Secured with Binance, the Leading Blockchain

Geoaktif Token (GETO) is a BEP20 token created on Binance Smart Chain, which is one of the worlds leading and most secured cryptocurrency blockchains to run smart contracts. Apart from being a leader in safety and security, Binance Smart Chain also stands out with its high cryptocurrency transaction speed and low gas fees.

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