xcrypto finance @xcryptofinance
16 August, 06:45
join xCrypto and be the first on the exchange, we will also have our token tied! You will be the first founders of the xCryptoFinance account!
#Xcrypto #XcryptoFinance
xcrypto finance @xcryptofinance
13 August, 02:08
On http://XCrypto.Finance, you can safely exchange your cryptocurrency for any other using the "Swap" section - https://xcrypto.finance/sw...
xcrypto finance @xcryptofinance
13 August, 02:08
Xсrypto Finance - The most secure Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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He Thong Tien Ao @hethongtienao
27 July, 02:31 (E)
Lãi cộng dồn là gì? Cách tính lãi cộng dồn
Lãi cộng dồn là gi? Có thể hiểu là khoản lãi kép hay lãi gộp nhận được từ lãi suất cộng với phần tiền gốc sau một thời gian đầu tư hoặc gửi tiết kiệm. Sau một thời gian, tính cả lãi suất và tiền gốc thì bạn sẽ có một khoản tiền lớn theo kỳ hạn.
https://hethongtienao.com/... #hethongtienao #laicongdon #laicongdonlagi #compoundinterest #finance
Zohan Merc @zohan
16 May, 03:13 (E)
Ukraine has three to four months before the deadline

Ukraine is everything, a new theme in the global economic firmament appeared only yesterday. In summary, everything is collapsing and will not be resurrected without external assistance. The most intriguing aspect is that it was said by Ukraines Minister of Finance, Mr. Marchenko! He also suggested that the following three to four months would be imminent.

Geoaktif Token @geoaktiftoken
19 April, 02:16
First chart formation of #GETO #geoaktiftoken in the making. People are coming in with $10 - $20 buys, these are tiny baby steps. Current #GETOUSDT is $0.0000185214. Well, perhaps it is right time to join the journey with a small buy. Here is the link:


#crypto #cryptocurrency #altcoins #cryptotrading
Geoaktif Token @geoaktiftoken
16 April, 12:22

-GETO officially launched on 14 April 2022
-Now available for purchase on Pancakeswap
-Fixed supply
-Liquidity locked for one year


Website: https://geoaktiftoken.com

BSC Scan: https://bscscan.com/addres...

Liquidity Lock Link: https://www.pinksale.finan...

Pancakeswap Purchase Link: https://pancakeswap.financ...

#GETO #geoaktiftoken #altcoins #cryptocurrency #cryptonews #cryptoinvestment #blockchai

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